Welcome to Enchanted Owl,

where your fiction finds its wings, and your writing dreams take flight.

I’m Angie, your guide and guardian through the enchanting journey of storytelling. I help writers struggling to put their heart on the page connect with their creative spirit. My specialties are speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, horror, dystopian, magical realism) and cozies (mystery and romance).

At Enchanted Owl, you’re not just finding an editor; you’re discovering a partner. My unique training in editing, sociology, and spiritual direction ensures that every aspect of your writing—be it your voice, narrative arc, or character depth—is nurtured and celebrated. I’m here to guide you through crafting a story that’s not only compelling but also true to your vision.

I offer a sanctuary for your creative process, providing developmental editing, book coaching, and, coming soon, publishing guidance! Each service is designed to nurture not just your project but your entire creative self, ensuring that when your book finally meets its readers, it does so with power, grace, and a touch of the extraordinary.

Here, your creative spirit is honored, your storytelling ambitions are supported, and your writing journey held sacred.

One-on-One Support

Book coaching and soul care while you’re planning and writing your novel.

Editing Services

Chapter evaluations and developmental editing feedback on your manuscript draft.

Publishing Guidance

 Researching agents and publishers, finding ARC readers, and self-publishing.